Risk Assessment

Compliance – Severn Trent is the Answer

We can help you identify and understand any potential risks of Legionella and help you implement measures to either eliminate or control the risk. 

The Risk Assessment, being the cornerstone of a legionella compliance program, is the basis of a control scheme.  Where this is not available or out of date, a site survey would be carried out and a Legionella Risk Assessment, aligned with ACOP L8, HSG274 Parts 1-3 and BS8580 would be created.    

Our independent Risk Assessors are trained to a high standard and provided with a document library of Method Statements, Task Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments, which are maintained and kept up to date by our Compliance Manage, these include information from the relevant guidance as well as the LCA’s ‘Standards for Service Delivery’.  Legionella Risk Assessments are further audited by a qualified member of the compliance team to ensure it meets the high standards we expect to deliver and covers all the requirements of BS8580 and HSG274 Parts 1-3. 

Any areas of significant concern will be highlighted and raised as point to discuss with your Account Manager and the Legionella Risk Assessment will be returned to you and, if you are using our Zetasafe channel, we will upload the assessment to Zetasafe to form part of your electronic site logbook.

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