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We provide a range of training courses, covering all aspects of Water Systems Management.

We provide an array of consultancy services including site based training and development to your staff, consultancy, independent Legionella Risk Assessments and reviews and working with you on your Water Safety Plan.  We can also help you keep up to date with current legislation and provide assistance with developing your own policies and procedures. 

At Severn Trent Services we pride ourselves on a technical capability and knowledge of the many guidance documents concerned with the management of water systems, both from a microbiological as well as chemical and engineering perspective. To help us retain our standing as a competent organisation we write and deliver training which covers the ‘niche’ areas of water treatment as well as the more common ‘water hygiene’ and Legionella control.  All of our training packages are available to existing and potential clients who wish to upskill themselves. 

As a registered member of the Legionella Control Association, certified for the provision of training we operate a modular basic Legionella training course – the title of which is Legionella ‘101’. As the title suggests in this course we aim to give you the facts regarding the risk, legality, and the compliance tasks which need to be undertaken to demonstrate a robust and effective Legionella control program. As the course is modular we can cover the relevant sections dependant on the involvement of the individual in the Legionella control scheme. The modules cover the following topics:-

  • The science behind the name
  • The illness
  • The history
  • The legality
  • Your Compliance – A review of the compliance tasks associated with a none healthcare Hot and Cold system
  • Legionellosis in Healthcare – A review of HTM04-01 Parts A-D
  • Cooling Towers
  • Legionella Sampling

Additional training packages can be bolted on to the base training such as the use of ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) a well-known and efficacious mechanism of controlling Legionella bacteria where temperature control is unreliable.

As a responsible Legionella service provider we advise all our clients regarding their training needs in complete alignment with ACOP L8 4th edition which requires in paragraph 51 that the Responsible Person “have sufficient authority, competence and knowledge” and those delegated to perform any compliance monitoring tasks “be properly trained to a level that ensures tasks are carried out in a safe, technically competent manner; and receive regular refresher training. Keep records of all initial and refresher training.” As such our ‘Legality’ training module is specifically directed to Responsible Persons and Statutory Duty Holders and ensures that they are fully aware of the legal responsibilities and accountabilities, while the ‘Your Compliance’ module is also aimed at those who have been delegated to perform monitoring tasks as identified in the compliance scheme. All of our training is recommended to be refreshed on a 24 month cycle, as HSE guidance is under constant review by the HSE and industry experts amendments, changes and updates occur more regularly than those to legislation and therefore necessitates review to assist in maintaining competence.

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