Other Water Systems

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We do more than just domestic systems.

Legionella control is applicable to more than just Hot and Cold domestic and Evaporative Cooling systems. There are in fact many types of water system which provide a suitable environment for Legionella bacteria to grow, proliferate and potentially be aerosolized into the atmosphere. 

HSG274 Part 3 details many systems which fall into this category, including:- 

  • Humidifiers, foggers and misting systems 
  • Wet scrubbers 
  • Particle scrubbers 
  • Water softeners 
  • Emergency showers 
  • Eye baths 
  • Sprinkler and hose reel systems 
  • Spa pools 
  • Whirlpool baths 
  • Horticultural misting systems 
  • Dental systems 
  • Vehicle washes 
  • Fountains 
  • Water features 
  • Industrial process systems

HSG274 Part 3 lists these along with the necessary control measures to implement in an effort to mitigate the risk of Legionella growth within these water systems. 

Invariably all effective Legionella control begins with a ‘suitable and sufficient’ Legionella Risk Assessment as described in ACOP L8 and BS8580-1:2019 which will serve to highlight the measures to be adopted to mitigate any foreseeable risk. This in combination with the recommendations contained in HSG274 Part 3 allows the water systems user to create a control scheme for the purposes of preventing the Legionella from becoming a significant risk within the system.

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