Legionella Management

Severn Trent – The Heart of Compliance

We specialise in assessing all types of water systems and support in fulfilling your compliance needs. 

Our purpose is to ensure that you are compliant with the requirements of ACOP L8.  We are experts in the provision of  Water Hygiene through HSG 274 Parts 1, 2 & 3, HTM04-01 and the control of Legionella through temperature and treatment methods.   

Our suite of services for domestic water systems, spa pools, swimming pools and potable water encompass all the requirements to help you comply with legislation and guidance. 

What are your duties under the Health and Safety and Work Act as an employer or if you are in control of premises?   

  • Identifying and assessing sources of risk 
  • Prepare a scheme to prevent or control risk 
  • Implementing, managing and monitoring precautions 
  • Keeping records of precautions 
  • Appointing a manager to be responsible for others 

How we can help you

At Severn Trent Services we have a dedicated Water Hygiene business entirely focused on helping you mitigate the impact of Legionella presence in you water system.  We use state of the art, cloud based compliance tools that provide you with real time compliance information on all of your assets and all assets are identified, barcoded and scanned on each scheduled visit which provides you with a full audit trail of your assets.  Our compliance tools also track repeated failures to help you identify any potential sources of risk. 

All our staff are DBS checked and we work in secure areas, sheltered accommodation, schools and Universities as well as manufacturing, industrial and retail locations.  Staff competency is assessed at regular intervals to demonstrate that the training is being followed and applied correctly in the field. Hence as an organisation all employee’s submit to annual competency assessments carried out independently by our compliance team where future training needs are identified per individual and tailored training plans created. 

We can provide independent Legionella Risk Assessments in accordance with BS 8580 and carry out a full suite of remedial works or provide advice and guidance in the event any issues on your site. 

Where you are responsible for Healthcare premises we will work with you to develop your Water Safety Plan according to HTM04-01 or work within your existing one. 

We use robust and tested processes to help you in the event of a Legionella positive sample result and design a course of action to remove the risk, which may include cleaning and disinfection, dosing and a sampling plan according to ISO19458, BS 8554, BS 7592. 

We are certified by the Legionella Control Association. You can view our certificate here.

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