Operations and Maintenance

What we do

We currently operate and maintain municipal and industrial water assets on over 1500 sites across the UK, including: 

  • Fire boosters
  • Service reservoirs
  • Water and waste pumping stations
  • Chemical disinfection and dosing systems
  • Oil Water interceptors
  • Boreholes
  • Treatment works and industrial effluent treatment plants
  • Water distribution and sewerage networks
  • Metering installation and maintenance
  • Leakage detection

How we can help

Our specialist team will evaluate your plant operations to create a bespoke maintenance program to optimise asset performance and lifespan, minimise costs and ensure sustainability. We’ll also be there to support you when liaising with water companies and environmental agencies over complex consent limits and permit restrictions. We can maintain, monitor and implement programmes tailored to your requirements. This will ensure your assets are operating efficiently, and ensure bacterial control to minimise the risk of legionella. Working closely with our customers we help them to:

  • Lower operational costs through efficient operation of systems
  • Increase production yields through plants operating to their full potential
  • Extend asset life through improved maintenance and monitoring programmes 


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